Cop who likes to fondle with dead bodies to go on trial

A police officer from Bakersfield, California police department, was fondling with the dead body of a recently deceased man. The officer claimed that he "loves playing with dead bodies" but asked a female witness  not to tell anybody.

The officer, Aaron Stinger, received a call in to join the high speed chase for 22-year-old Ramiro James Villegas. Stinger and the other officers killed Ramiro before discovering that the man was unarmed. 

Once Stinger and his partner arrived at the morgue, Stinger asked if he could take a look at the body and was given a passcode to the vault.

Stinger's partner, Lindy DeGeare, reported later on that Stinger was running his fingers along the deceased victim's foot from earlier that day and was saying "tickle, tickle." The partner also mentioned that Stinger was rattling Ramiro's head back and forth.

In his daily report, Aaron Stinger wrote nothing about tickling Ramiro's feet or rattling his head.

According to the Bakersfield California local prosecutors, making charges against Stinger was intended but was dropped due to the lack of evidence, he is now currently being investigated by his home police department and has been put on temporary leave while they take actions.

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