In Lithuania, Russian products marked with stickers of Colorado potato beetles


In Lithuanian supermarkets, a special marking appears on Russian products - stickers depicting the colors of the Colorado potato beetle. The stripes of the Colorado potato beetle are very similar to the stripes of St. George's Ribbon, which is a widely spread patriotic symbol in the Russian Federation. Russian opposition activists and government critics refer to those who wear St. George's Ribbons as "Colorado beetles."  The stickers that appear on the packaging of Russian products in Lithuanian supermarkets say that this product is a part of the "Kremlin propaganda."

A movement known as "Modern Guerrillas" has claimed responsibility for the anti-Russian act. The main purpose of the organization is to struggle against the Russian influence in Lithuania. Activists of the movement call upon local television stations not to buy Russian TV shows. Now they call on Lithuanian residents not to buy food and household chemicals from Russia.

Supermarket owners deny their involvement in the incident. According to them, this is nothing but an act of hooliganism. The actions that activists of "Modern Guerrillas" commit were categorized as a criminal act of property damage.

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