Putin congratulates Ukraine on liberation from Nazi invaders


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the entire Ukrainian people on the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders.

"Our fathers and grandfathers were fighting together, courageously and selflessly for the freedom and independence of our country, crushing the enemy for the long-awaited victory. We must cherish the wonderful traditions of brotherly friendship and mutual support. It is extremely important to educate the younger generation on high patriotic values, actively resist to all attempts to revive fascist ideology, incite ethnic strife and falsify our common history," said Putin.

"The years of the Great Patriotic War and fierce, bloody battles for Ukraine showed fortitude and cohesion of our multinational people in all grandeur, as well as courage and resilience of warriors liberators, partisans, underground and home front activists," he reminded.

"I sincerely wish Ukrainian veterans good health, prosperity and good spirits, and the brotherly people of Ukraine - peace and prosperity," said Putin, Interfax reports.

On October 28, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders. The nationwide holiday was introduced by President Viktor Yushchenko on 21 October 2009. Previously, the day had not been celebrated as a state holiday. However, in Ukrainian regions, people would often hold celebrations on October 28 with the participation of veterans of war.

Meanwhile, a week ago, the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcast of Ukraine appealed to the Ukrainian media with a request to follow recommendations from the Ukrainian Institute for National Remembrance in honoring and covering the 70th anniversary of expulsion of Nazi occupiers from Ukraine. The Ukrainian media were recommended to use the word "expulsion" instead of "liberation" in the phrase "liberation of Ukraine from fascist invaders." According to officials of the committee, the term "liberation" stipulates freedom, "but Ukraine did not become free in 1944."

In addition, Ukrainian journalists were recommended to pay attention to the fact that  "the expulsion of Nazis from the Ukrainian territory was made possible owing to massive participation of the Ukrainian Army in the ranks of both the Red Army and the Ukrainian Liberation Movement (OUN and UPA), as well as in the ranks of resistance movements of other countries and armies of the allies that fought in Italy and France, in the Far East and the Pacific."

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