In Yekaterinburg, cats become dragons and dogs turn into bumblebees

Bored residents of the city of Yekaterinburg spend their time changing the looks of their pets. A beauty salon for pets offers a unique service for local residents, where they can turn a cat into a dragon and a dog — into a bumblebee. Professional groomers can make a dragon crest or an American Iroquois, or just dye a pet in all colors of the rainbow.

Those who watched the video on YouTube, split into two camps. Some approve the creative approach, others harshly criticize the initiative calling such groomers and pet owners torturers.

"That's awesome! I wish we had more of such people, who do not fear to express themselves. This is such a bright spot in everyday life!"

"Absolutely disgusting! I can not even look at that, this is so horrible!" ours wrote.

Not that long ago, the Russian blogosphere discussed a similar issue after a well-known Russian socialite and writer Lena Lenina appeared in public holding a pink kitten in her hands. The publicity stunt produced mostly negative reactions. People expressed negative emotions saying that the woman victimized the animal.

Well-known animal trainer Yuri Kuklachev expressed his indignation too. In response to his remarks, Lenina threatened to sue the artist for "libel and slander."

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