Ups and Downs of Telephone Sex

The people who use telephone sex services are basically men experiencing sexual difficulties. They might be psychologically unbalanced or physically unattractive, so sex on the phone is the only sex they can get. However, teenagers are a separate category of telephone sex clients. They prefer to become “real men” on the phone because of their fear of failure in a real bed. Healthy grown-ups usually call a phone girl because of their curiosity of trying something new. They are presumably lonely men or husbands who are not happy with their wives’ sexual skills.

Telephone sex is not a mirage in the desert, and it is not hard to access. It is real pleasure that can be obtained easily, with just a phone and a bit of money.

Let’s examine if telephone sex is better and more convenient than conventional sex with a hot babe:

The advantages of sex on the phone include:

Any time and any place. You do not have to look for a girl or a convenient place. The girl will tell you in a sexy voice that she is already hot and wet. There is no courtship at all, and you don’t have to please her.

You can have a sexual intercourse with your dream woman. Just close your eyes and imagine that you are talking to a gorgeous blond girl with blue eyes, full and moist lips, and big tits. You see, being in bed with an ugly woman who does not have anything to boast of requires much more effort to imagine her as a hot chick. Even Viagra won’t do the trick.

You can do anything you want and even more. You can have a phone girl who will be ready to die for you after sex. She will just tell you: “Oh, are you a sex maniac! Of my God, this makes me so hot!!! Oh, you want to kill me now??? Ooooh, aaaah, I am dying. I’m dead. Did you like it?”

By having sex on the phone, you do not have to take a shower, brush your teeth, or cut your nails. You don’t need to a good sense of humor, or to be handsome and a hunk. Your partner will not see anything. There’s no need to worry about anything: the girl will cum when you want her to. Where can you find a woman, who will agree to live without any orgasms for years and who will ignore your bad breath or “small size?”

Sex on the phone doesn’t require troublesome condoms. The majority of men would rather have no sex at all than be forced to put on man’s best friend (a condom). More importantly, there are no sexually transmitted diseases.

There is no need to make breakfast the next morning and give her any of your hard-earned money for a taxi. Sex on the phone does not require any responsibility, either before or after it. Totally selfish men, bachelors think it is wonderful to have a woman, but her presence is horrible. They would rather have a drink or two than take a woman to the doors of her apartment.

No little brats! Your sperm remains yours. You will not become a father, so sleep well.

The disadvantages of telephone sex include:

Sex on the phone is not romantic. You sit in your armchair, holding a phone in one hand, and your prick in the other. If this is called pleasure, then Michael Jordan is white. An act of love is supposed to be romantic and at least a wee bit aesthetically beautiful. With telephone sex, you have nothing but disappointment instead. Even calluses start developing on your hand.

Phone sex is not interesting. Of course, you can masturbate with both hands, but then what? No mouth, no vagina, no anus, only the hand and that’s it. Do you think someone will envy your sex life?

Sex on the phone is expensive. The whole point is masturbation. Why pay a lot of money to jack off? It is possible to find a way out, though. For example, call once, tape everything, and you use it over and over again for free.

There is no future. Becoming a phone addict will deprive you of woman’s care, and you will forget that they can wipe the dust, sing in a bathroom, and cook lovely things. A phone girl will not do any of those things.

Who knows,how those phone girls look? Maybe, she is 86 years old with dentures and and ugly, wrinkled bosom? She uses just her voice to make you hard, but think of the owner of this voice; this will make you soft.

Sex on the phone is not fair. You know that the woman who tells you that she is rubbing her pussy is thinks about your money, actually. This is not nice. She just wants fondle the most important thing: your wallet.

Conclusion: a prostitute is better. She will work on your wallet too, but she will work on you as well.

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