Ukrainian gays to fight against pro-Russian activists during pride march in Kiev


Ukrainian LGBT activists intend to dedicate the gay pride parade in Kiev, which is to be held in the Ukrainian capital in a few days, to the fight against pro-Russian activists.

Ukrainian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals (LGBT) will march on the streets of Kiev to support the unity of Ukraine. The International LGBT festival "KievPride 2014" is to be held in the capital of Ukraine from June 30 to July 6.

"Now that Ukraine is subjected to external aggression, when they try to split the society by the incitement of hatred between different social groups, the Ukrainian LGBT community declares inadmissibility of escalation of hatred and xenophobia on any ground," Elena Shevchenko, a spokesperson for the organizing committee of "KievPride 2014," Ukrainian website "Navigator" reports.

"This year, our goal is not to let pro-Russian provocateurs prevent us from defending human rights in Ukraine for all, including the LGBT community, - co-chair of the Coalition to tackle discrimination, Nazary Borsky said. - Blood was spilled on Maidan so that all us realize the right of everyone to live, to love, to gather and have protection. After all, human rights are above everything else."

LGBT activists also demand the government should ensure equal rights for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

It is worth noting that for the political environment of western Ukraine, it is typical to use "intimate details" in a "political struggle." One may recall well-known organization FEMEN, whose activist express themselves by displaying their naked breasts in public places all over the world. During Maidan riots, there were female activists, who would strip naked in "support of their political position." Apparently, naked human body is an inalienable part of Ukrainian political mentality.

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