Vanga predicted Crimea's reunification with Russia

Interestingly, there was a quatrain among predictions of Vanga, which, as everyone thought, was a fantasy of the Bulgarian prophet.

"Crimea will detach from one shore to be attached to another" (543.3).

The world has now witnessed the separation of the Crimea from Ukraine and its reunion with the Russian Federation.

Another prediction of Vanga, which follows the one about the Crimea, is even more interesting. Previously, it was considered utterly pointless and incomprehensible. Today, it obviously deserves attention.

"In the land of underground burrows and man-made mountains, all will be shaken, and much will collapse in the west to rise in the east. And Sagittarius will come to stand for twenty and three years , and what stood for twenty and three years - will be reduced to dust ..." (543.4)

Noteworthy, Vladimir Putin is Libra.

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