Earth to have 10 billion people living on it by 2050

Experts of the French National Institute of Demographic Studies say that the Earth will have its ten billionth resident by 2050.

Asia continues to remain the leader in terms of the birth rate. This most densely populated continent will be home to 5,284 billion. A quarter of the total population of the planet - 2.435 billion people - will be African people.

The researchers made their calculations with the help to the so-called total fertility rate, i.e. the average number of births to a woman in her life. To date, the world's average rate is 2.5 children per one woman.

The number of Europeans will be gradually decreasing from 740 million people in 2013 to 726 million in 2050. In America, the number of residents will grow. By 2050, there will be 1.228 billion people living on the continent.

Today, the population of the planet makes up 7,141 billion.


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