Comedy film is successful in Locarno

This is not a prediction but an anticipation - the film Vijay and I, has guaranteed success in Brazil for being a tasty comedy, based on the art of disguise and fooling with good intentions.

The title, the picture for advertising, and the trailer showing New York is already an act of deception, because they suggest an Indian film or coproduction of India with Americans, because the name of the director, Sam Barbarski, suggests an American Polish origin.

But that's not it, Barbarski is a German who emigrated to Belgium and the film is a pure product of the European Union, a coproduction which is German-Luxembourg-Belgian. And the actor Moritz Bleibtreu, even with his Sikh turban, has nothing Indian about him at all.

To understand another deception, it is necessary to recall the film. However, this does not hinder the enjoyment of those who go to see Vijay and I, because it is not a cop thriller but rather, a delicious comedy involving a bosom friend and a wife who are judged widow and a daughter, who soon discovers she is not an orphan.
Viewers smile all the time, they become accomplices of Wilder and his faithful friend Rad, this one, yes, of Indian origin... but born in Italy.

The story begins by showing an American actor of children's programs, with body and face covered by a tacky rabbit outfit, frustrated, wishing to be a real actor. On his 40th birthday, on a Friday13, neither the wife nor the daughter remember the date only when receiving congratulations in a telephone advertising. And moreover, they steal his car.
Feeling demoralized and unloved, Bill will take refuge in the house of friend Rad, and the next morning, they see on television the news of his death, because his car had been in an accident and burned in the fire. Instead of calling the wife and saying he is alive, Bill decides to play dead and even go to the funeral, disguised as an Indian Sikh to know what his friends and his wife thought of him.

Now, the supposed widow is overwhelmed by the figure of the Indian Vijay and his change of identity and personality and he becomes a success. Even sexual passion illuminates the beautiful widow, who had spent two years without making love to her ridiculous husband, whose disguise as a rabbit for television killed any desire.

Moral of the film - a good disguise can save many couples from routine and disdain caused by everyday boredom.

Rui Martins

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