Adversaries of legal gay marriage in Britain to move to Scotland


The Upper House of the British Parliament supported the bill on same-sex marriage that did not get a resolution last month. The situation has changed dramatically due to the formation of the coalition between Liberal Democrats and the opposition Labor Party, whose votes suppressed the Conservatives.

After the law is approval by the lower house, which, in fact, will be a formality, all same-sex couples will be able to marry both in civil and religious ceremonies. They will also be entitled for benefits provided to spouses of traditional orientation.

The majority of politicians, who opposed the innovation, are sure that gay marriage undermines traditional values. The supporters, however, advocate absolute equality between heterosexual and minority representatives.

Experts analyzed social and psychological sentiments of British citizens and noted that residents of the United Kingdom, dissatisfied with dictated policies from the government, do not exclude a possibility of moving to Scotland or Northern Ireland, where legislation is different.


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