Condom maker unveils smart underwear for virtual sex


The toy is called Fundawear. It is touted as "the future of lovemaking." The lovers, who stay far away from each other, need to wear the new underwear and install a special app on their smartphones to enjoy a session of unforgettable erotic massage, watching the process with their partner through a web camera. The Australian department of the world-known condom maker Durex presented a new experimental product in the field of safe sex. This high-tech underwear for women and men, which allows partners to have virtual sex and "touch" each other through the screen of a smartphone with the help of a special application. 

The device uses the servers of Amazon. The servers are used for the instantaneous transmission of touches to any point on Earth in real time, reports. As developers say, their offspring can accurately convey the intensity and direction of human movements. "Touch here, feel there, connect over the Internet," the slogan of the video says.

This is not the first technological breakthrough on the topic of virtual sex. The Japanese, for example, are now promoting high-tech gadget Lovepalz, which also allows people to have sex at a distance via the Internet. The device consists of two funny sex toys: "Zeus" - for him and "Hera" - for her. Each partner makes their habitual movements with the toy, and the information about the speed, the intensity and the rhythm is transmitted into a cloud service, where it is read and interpreted by another toy, thus maintaining the established rhythm, speed, the power of pressure, etc. 

Condom maker unveils smart underwear for virtual sex

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