City with most intense light pollution in the world named


The University of Hong Kong published a study, according to which the city, where it is situated, took the top position on the list of cities with light pollution. Due to bright neon lights that never go out, many local residents can never get enough sleep, according to CNN News.

Nights in Hong Kong are about 1,000 times brighter than in any European city, like Madrid, for example. Hong Kong, unlike Shanghai, London and Sydney, does not have special laws to regulate the level of light pollution.

Light pollution means the intense illumination of the night sky with artificial sources of light. To understand this phenomenon, it is enough to look at the hazed sky at night in the city. Because of high levels of light pollution, it is sometimes impossible to see stars in the sky.

"The density of the population in Hong Kong is incredibly high, so light pollution is a serious problem," - said Jason Pang Chen, who led the study. In addition, the specialist added that some parts of the city were illuminated during the daytime as well.

Nearly every three of four residents in Hong Kong believe that many neon lights can be turned off at night.



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