British official says disabled children should be put to sleep

A Cornwall councilor, Colin Brewer, put forward a shocking proposal. The  councilor said that disabled children should put to sleep, because they are a burden to society. The organization urged Brewer to resign, but he refused, although he apologized for his words.

Brewer made the statement at the event, organized by local charity Disability Cornwall. Teresa Kurt, a member of the organization, was telling Brewer how Disability Cornwall was helping the parents of children with special needs. In return, Brewer said that disabled children were too expensive for the council so they should be put to sleep.

Kurt was horrified and immediately lodged a complaint with the council. Brewer said in his defense that he was very tired and just wanted to cause a reaction. 

"We had a tough day - we were making budget and job cuts decisions. I listened to this lady from Disability Cornwall and made my comment. Why did I say that? I did not mean it. I said so as to cause a reaction and discuss the cost of services for such children. My idea failed. I showed a lack of respect, and I did not have to do that. I did not mean to offend anyone. I will be defending disabled children up to the last," Brewer said.



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