Most Russians prefer not to deal with adoptions

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) has published the results of a study that explored the issue of what prevents the Russians from adopting orphaned children, and under which conditions they would be willing to do it. Age, lack of funds and the availability of own children were named the basic barriers on the way to adoptions.

Out of 100 percent of respondents, only 14 percent could afford taking a child to the family. Eighty percent of other respondents do not consider this option.

Thirty percent of those who do not intend to adopt children, say that the main obstacle for them is their age. Twenty-two percent referred to the lack of financial well-being. Fifteen percent said that they did not want to adopt because they already had their own children.

Among other reasons, respondents named instability in the country, housing conditions, someone is afraid of moral responsibility, some others just do not think about it. As many as 18 percent were unable to answer the question.

When asked "Under what circumstances would you adopt a child?" 15 percent answered that it would depend on financial well-being, 10 percent would do so if they had no children of their own, whilst 13 percent simply could not or did not want to deal with adoptions. In addition, some were willing to take a child to the family if they had adequate housing conditions and financial support from the state, as well as free time, or if it was a child of close friends or relatives. Thirty-seven percent were undecided.


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