Should Muslim baby girls cover their faces with veils?

Should Muslim baby girls cover their faces with veils?. 49309.jpeg

A remark from a Saudi cleric, who said that even baby girls should cover their faces, caused a storm of indignation. The judgments of Sheikh Abdullah Daoud were called "alarming" and harmful to religion.

Daoud expressed his point of view last year, when he said in an interview that there were child molestation incidents reported in Saudi Arabia. The sheikh referred to unnamed sources in the medical and law enforcement circles. However, the interview appeared on the Internet only last week and immediately collected a lot of comments, the Mail Online wrote.

According to Islamic laws, a girl must wear a veil when she reaches puberty. The statements from Sheikh Daoud were not beneficial to faith, Sheikh Mohammed al-Dzhlana, said. Veiling children would be "unfair" to children, according to al-Dzhlana.


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