Crooked teeth all the rage in Japan

We all know that people wear braces to make their teeth straight and their smile perfect. However, it is all different in Japan. Crooked teeth are considered beautiful in the Asian country.

The fashion trend, known as tseuke-yaeba, is currently at the height of fashion in the island nation. Young women do not hesitate to spare a few hundred dollars to "fix" their straight teeth.

Japanese dentists started to offer such procedures in 2011. However, tseuke-yaeba became highly popular just a short while ago, after members of local pop band TYB48 began to flaunt their imperfect smiles, says Shine.

The founder of the band is Taro Masuoka, a dentist, who was the first to deform the teeth of his patients. "My patients follow fashion and are very nice. I wanted to take the most of it, and I created TYB48," says the doctor. Masuoka adds that protruding teeth give a special charm to his client, while men consider such smiles especially attractive.



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