Burglars steal rare cat from Moscow businessman



In Moscow, thieves stole a cat of a rare breed from a businessman. On January 13, 28-year-old CEO of the company Spy Jet, Dmitry Kuznetsov, went to police to report the robbery. While the man was away on holiday, his friends would come to the man's apartment to feed the cat. However, on Jan.13th, Kuznetsov found the door of his apartment broken. The burglars stole an expensive watch, cufflinks and a Bengal cat.

According to the man, the burglars caused him the damage of 3.9 million rubles ($130,000). He evaluated the cat alone at 120,000 rubles ($4,000).

The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat (ALC), Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis.

The Bengal cat has a desirable "wild" appearance with large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly, and a body structure reminiscent of the ALC. The Bengal possesses a gentle domestic cat temperament, provided it is separated by at least three generations from the original crossing between a domestic feline and an ALC.

The name "Bengal cat" was derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis), and not from the more distantly related Bengal tiger.



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