Perfect woman's weight has been determined

Perfect woman's weight has been determined. 49057.jpeg

A perfect woman, according to Israeli scientists, is not a long-legged skinny female, as many believe. A woman should ideally weigh 77 kilograms and be 170 centimeters tall.

The authors of the formula of the "ideal woman" based their research on one of the discoveries of the past year, which said that a little bit of excessive weight prolonged life. Thus, experts suggested the 170/77 proportion of height and weight.

For many years, the standard of female beauty has remained virtually unchanged. Most men prefer skinny women with narrow hips, long legs and large breasts. Recently, however, the world has launched a campaign to combat excessive female thinness.

In particular, Israel, for example, passed the law that prohibited excessive thinness in the world of fashion industry. 


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