Sweaty and dusty human bodies destroy Michelangelo's frescoes at Sistine Chapel

Italian art historians and restorers came to a disappointing conclusion: the Sistine Chapel frescoes, created by Michelangelo, suffer a lot from the dirt that tourists bring to the chapel on themselves. As many as four million people visit the church annually, leaving their hairs, dust, sweat and fiber clothes in the building.

The Vatican can not prohibit visiting the Sistine Chapel. However, every tourist will be forced to undergo the cleaning process in a special chamber before entering the temple. According to the director of the museum, visitors will have to walk along a hundred-meter corridor, equipped with special cleaning devices. The equipment will remove dust and dirt from shoes and clothes, as well as sweat from tourists.

According to museum director Antonio Paolucci, the temperature inside the chapel will be slightly reduced, so that visitors sweat less. Dust, moisture and carbon dioxide are the biggest dangers to the priceless frescoes.

To reduce the number of visitors at the Sistine Chapel at least slightly, the Vatican intends to develop a virtual tour of the chapel. 


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