Baby girl grows feather from her neck

A two-inch feather has grown out of a baby's neck in the USA. A 7-month-old baby girl from Kansas was experiencing discomfort due to her swollen throat. Her parents took the baby to hospital, but doctors were unable to explain the nature of the phenomenon, ABC News said.

Neither the parents nor the doctors could understand the nature of discomfort that seven-month-old Mya Whittington had. In the end, the girl was hospitalized. To everyone's astonishment, a two-inch feather appeared growing from the baby's neck afterwards.

"It started on Saturday. I was at work when my wife complained to me that Mya had a swollen neck," 26-year-old girl's father Aaron Whittington said. The parents decided to wait at first, thinking that the little girl had swollen tonsils.

The next morning, the tumor increased in its size twice. The top of the tumor on the skin looked like an opened pimple. "It was definitely not the tonsils. We decided to take our daughter to the hospital," continues Aaron.

Doctors initially thought that Mya had a staphylococcal infection of her lymph nodes. The feather appeared from the place of inflammation in a few hours.

The parents have not been able to obtain any explanation from hospital staff regarding this phenomenon. "Maybe she breathed it in or tried to swallow it, the feather got stuck in the throat, and his body began to reject it."

The Whittingtons said that the feather has been pulled out from the baby girl, and she is "almost 100 percent healthy."


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