Poland to tax rainwater

Poland considers a draft law, which stipulates a tax for rainwater. Common citizens, who own a house or an apartment, as well as businessmen and traders will have to pay for rain. The amount of the tax will directly depend on the square that they have in their property, Noviye Izvestia reports.

The bill was prepared by the ruling party of Poland, Civic Platform. In reality, it does not go about rain - the bill targets the collective disposal of sewage. During rainfalls, the sewage system deals with a significant load, which is particularly high at such places as car parks, near major shopping centers and in industrial areas, reports The 8th Channel.

As an experiment, this procedure has already been introduced in several cities of the country. The majority of ministers believe that the experiment was successful. The residents of Poznan, Koszalin, Bielsko-Biala, Bytom and Vrotslav have paid the tax. They pay an average of $10-15 per year, whereas the municipal budget receives $1.5-2 million, Vesti.ru reports.

However, the owners of private houses oppose the bill unanimously. "For me it doesn't make sense. As usual, they only want to pull money from people. They just look for money everywhere," a concerned resident said. 

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