Pregnant woman loses her child and both legs due to medical error

In Cherkessk, investigators opened a criminal case against the doctors who, due to the improper execution of their professional duties, amputated both legs to a woman in labor, writes Rosbalt.

In late June 2011, the Republican Perinatal Center of Cherkеssk received a 27-year-old pregnant female, Raikhan Khasanova. The woman was sent to the center from a village hospital, where she came complaining of severe pain in the abdomen. It took the medics an hour to have all the paperwork done. The woman started bleeding, and her unborn child died. The doctors of the republican hospital decided to remove the woman's uterus. During the operation, they brought in an infection. Some time later, at the Karachay-Cherkessia Republican Hospital, she had her both legs amputated.

The surgery was very complicated for the woman: her heart stopped beating four times. The doctors decided to send the patient to Moscow. Since that time, during one year, Raikhan has received about ten surgeries. She started talking last week, when doctors of a Moscow hospital removed the tubes of the artificial respirator.

"There was no time for expertise. My daughter has been staying between life and death for a whole year. Now we will make independent expertise at our own expense to prove the doctors' guilt," Raikhan's mother Madina said.

A criminal case against the doctors of the republican hospital has already been filed, officials said.  


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