Monica Lewinsky gets Bill and Hillary Clinton into big trouble again

World-famous mistress of former U.S. President Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky decided to make some more money on her controversial past. Lewinsky will write memoires. The former White House trainee negotiates the details of her book with major publishers.

Reportedly, the forgotten sex scandal star has already requested $12 million for her confessions, including those about her relationship with Clinton. Many believe that her story is not worth the money. However, Lewinsky has not signed the deal, although several publishers are interested in the publication of the book.

Meanwhile, American journalists try to show as much humor as they can in their comments about the Lewinsky confessions, BFM.Ru reports. TJ Walker, a famous columnist with Forbes and The Wall Street Journal tried to guess what the new book was going to be about: "What is it? A time capsule? What time is it? 1998? It's been 14 years since we had to look at this woman day after day. She got her millions from that. She had her Barbara Walters sit-down. And now she is going to write another book. What in the world is she going to say in it? Is it - "nobody has given a damn about me for 14 years?" Second chapter: "I am an idiot. I've never done anything interesting in my entire life other than fooling around with the president." Chapter Three: "I've done a handbag campaign and a bunch of other things, but they all were a failure because everyone thought of me as that one thing."

Monica has not confirmed her plans about the memories yet, but her friends told reporters what her new book could be about. According to one of them, she can share what she knows about Bill's insatiable desires for threesomes, orgies and sex toys of all kinds, RBC says.

The president's ex-lover recalled how he spoke disparagingly of his wife, calling her a "cold fish" and making fun of her "non-existent sex life." Bill Clinton also suggested that Hillary had also cheated on him.

Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton knows about Lewinsky's plans and is furious about it, Express Gazeta wrote. If the book is ever published, the sitting secretary of state will hardly ever become president.

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