The Queen of Orgasm

In difference to men, women can experience repeated orgasms, so-called multiorgasms. There was a group of voluntary females examined in California, and it turned out that 17% of the group were capable of having this kind of orgasm. This corresponds to the statistic information, which was previously collected all over the world.

Multiorgasm is something that men will never know. This incredible feeling does not depend on a persons’ age at all: women of all ages can enjoy it.

Special courses were arranged for women in the USA and in many European countries. Those course teach females the techniques for achieving this multiorgasmic miracle. It should be said here, though, that the courses are helpful to only 20-35% of female students. There is another kind of courses too: they teach how to get any kind of orgasm, at least something. These courses enjoy more popularity amid women. The courses are basically attended by sick women, who have suffered from stress or violence. However, the majority of that audience are feministic women. They were happy to get married and after their weddings they started searching for a body part, which contains orgasm, or makes it happen.

Will a normal girl be looking for an orgasm in a room full of frigid women? It would be more logic and pleasant for her to search for it in the arms of a beloved man, wouldn’t it? So what is that thing – women’s orgasm that makes crowds of women go and pay for some weird courses? Women’s orgasm is caused with the spastic contraction of uterus muscles. Each contraction lasts between two or four seconds. However, women can have so-called long-lasting orgasm, which lasts between 20 and 60 seconds. Lucky them. There was a woman in California, whose orgasm lasts for 43 seconds. Technical devices registered 25 muscle contractions. A long-lasting orgasm can also be achieved with the help of self-stimulation. This is where this orgasm lives.

Fast orgasm is what all men can have. They are really good at that. Each of every 1250 men can ejaculate without anyone else’s help, even without the help of his own hand. All a man should do is fanaticize as hard as he can, without any kind of masturbation. Sometimes it can be achieved in mere seconds. As doctors say, the most important factor in this respect is a human mind. Therefore, a human brain is one of the most important and powerful genitals that a man has.

What about women? Some of them can be really unique too. There is a 33-year-old woman that went to attend those courses in California. She wanted to be anonymous, so let’s call her Lisa. Until the age of 15 Lisa was living in Germany and then she moved over to the United States. Something unusual happened to her in America. One fine day Lisa noticed that she could have orgasm at any moment and in any place, without doing a thing for it. All she had to do was wish for it. She could shake with orgasm sitting at her work place, in her bathtub, or even making a handstand in a garbage tank. She discovered that gift, when she learned about orgasm for the first time. She heard her sister making love to a guy in another room. Since that moment Lisa could have orgasm just anywhere. Needless to mention that the girl thought that it was a common thing to happen to any woman around her. Three years later Lisa said that to a girl friend of hers. The latter almost died with envy. She made Lisa go to see a doctor. A doctor was overwhelmed. He did not believe that Lisa was actually a virgin. Lisa proved her story with a series of three orgasms, which lasted about one minute each. Later, Lisa was examined by a whole group of doctors, who registered up to 20 orgasms that happened within 23 minutes.

Another unique woman (31) could have orgasm just because of any gentle touch. Hardly a kiss, a touch or a stroke and she is in nirvana. The woman came to the tests with her husband. Every man would exclaim “what a lucky bastard!” On the other hand, it must be really troublesome for him to let his wife go out alone. The man took part in the tests too, which added more fuel to the fire. The fantastic women had her first orgasm two seconds after the man touched her first.

As the woman says, she started experiencing that after lightening struck her. The queen of orgasm was 24 years old, when the incident happened. However, she was a married woman, had two kids. After the lightning struck her, there was something like a tattoo left on the woman’s bosom. The tattoo looked exactly like a cow that was pasturing nearby. The lightening shock left another trace on the woman - she became blond (everywhere). When doctors were finished with their tests, they came to conclusion that the girl was absolutely normal before the lightening struck her. She had normal, usual orgasms like other women do.

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