A scooter to fight traffic jams

The citizens of St Petersburg were surprised to see an adult who drove the underground station “Tekhnologichesky Institut” by a scooter. The man of a very considerable appearance dashingly drove to the turnstile of the underground, put his transport mean under his arm and stepped the moving stairway.

As the surprised passengers asked him about his strange choice of private transport mean, he explained them he was forced to use scooter because of permanent traffic jams in the city streets. But then it takes him almost one hour less to reach his office. Moreover, the scooter-driver feels younger and more cheerful.

Though, what the scooter-driver did not say to the underground passengers, but what for sure should be taken into account by car-drivers at all, is that, preferring scooter to car, they would make their contribution to the environment protection, for the less cars there are in the streets, the fresher the air is. IMA-press.ru

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Author`s name Editorial Team