St. Petersburg's Cadets to Parade on City's Tercentenary Day

Cadets studying at St. Petersburg's military schools will parade in front of the Governor in the Palace Square on May 27, 2003. Such parades are traditionally held on City's Day. The participants will include the Kronstadt Naval Cadets' Corps, Suvorov Military School, Nakhimov Naval School, etc. Parading cadets will pass through Nevsky Prospect, the city's main thoroughfare, marching to music played by military orchestras.

The parading cadets will be inspected by the Governor, specially invited guests and general public watching. The banner of His Majesty's Ulan's Regiment is expected to be returned to Russia and presented to the city on its jubilee day. The Charitable Foundation for Assisting Cadets' Schools contributes greatly to the rebirth of cadets' movement in Russia.

According to Anatoly Drukaryov, Managing Director of the foundation, the money it raises pays for the education and upkeep of 110 cadets annually. The foundation has allocated USD 100,000 to pay for the parade. 'The purpose of this parade', Mr. Drukaryov said, 'is not just to show off in the Palace Square. We want to show how we educate and bring up our children and young men. Today, most schools are just for education. In the meantime, we want all to know that cadet's schools are, above anything else, places were the young are brought up as citizens'.

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