London mayor loses weight to get ready for Olympic Games

London Mayor Boris Johnson, who can hardly be referred to as a well-built man, has decided to get himself into good shape. Mr. Johnson wants to inspire Londoners and city visitors to get their figures in order before the Olympic Games in 2012.

The mayor of the British capital has been training under the guidance of his personal coach since October, The Evening Standard wrote. The results of the training can be seen with the naked eye already. Johnson lost more than 6 kilos of weight.

The London mayor goes out for jogging at 6 a.m. He jogs for ten kilometers in the north of London, where he lives. Boris Johnson does jogging two or three times a week. He works out during other days of the week. The 47-year-old mayor can reportedly make 100 pushups.

The London mayor is also a big fan of cycling. He has succeeded a lot in increasing the popularity of bicycles in the British capital. The mayor always rides his bicycle to go to work.

Last year, Johnson initiated the program to support amateur sports communities and clubs. The 35-million-pound ($55 million) program was also developed to popularize active kinds of sport among the British population. A special website was launched on Feb. 9 within the scope of the program. People can visit the website to see the programs, opening hours and events held at free sports clubs of London.



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