Israeli infant bites off snake's head

Israeli infant bites off snake's head. 46472.jpegA 13-year-old boy saved his own life by biting off the snake's head. The heroic and yet unbelievable tale made the front pages of many newspapers in Israel.

The incident took place at night in the city of Shfaram, Vesti reports. A 35-long snake crawled into the child's room, but the boy, aged only 12 months, grabbed the reptile and started to bite its head.

When the boy approached the child, she saw her son chewing something. As soon as she realized that it was a snake, the woman began crying for help. However, the boy, Imad Gadir, was staying absolutely calm.

When the woman was pulling the half-chewed snake head out of the boy's mouth, the child burst into tears. The neighbors heard the screams and rushed to see what was happening there. They helped the woman take the boy to the hospital, Gazeta.Ru reports.

Doctors concluded as a result of examination that the boy's life was out of danger. According to Israeli media, the snake was venomous. Italian news agency ANSA rejects this statement saying that the child would not have survived otherwise.

Snake-catcher Eli Cohen said that he had never come across anything like this before. The reptile, a coin snake, was about three years old. Cohen said that the snake, which the child killed, was not venomous, although its bite could cause pain. 

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