List of most frightful questions for parents unveiled

List of most frightful questions for parents unveiled. 46419.jpegChildren attack parents with questions every day. A new study made the list of ten questions that parents do not want to hear from their children. Most of those questions leave parents terrified just because they do not know how to answer them.

The majority of such questions are related to science, particularly mathematics. The leader is the question about the appearance of the Moon on the sky during the daytime, The Arguments and Facts newspaper wrote.

The next most difficult question is: "Why is the sky blue?" The list goes on with "Are we going to see the aliens some day?" Top five of most difficult questions also includes the questions about the mass of the Earth, about the power which helps airplane stay in the sky and not fall down, and about the wetness of the water ("why is the water wet?").

The top ten list includes the questions about bees and birds in winter, about the origin of rainbow and about different time zones. Many children often wonder whether a shark would bite a dinosaur during a fight.

Many parents acknowledged that they very often do not know how to answer their children's questions just because they do not have enough knowledge. Twenty-six percent of parents believe that their children are better at maths and natural sciences.

Over 50 percent of parents said that they feel very frustrated if they do not know how to answer their children's questions. One-third of respondents said that they try to dig up something in sources of information if they do not know what to say to their children. Many parents prefer to readdress the difficult question to someone else.

The poll was conducted among parents with children aged from 5 to 16 years old. 


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