Russia's first-ever ice hotel to open in Yakutia

Russia's first-ever ice hotel to open in Yakutia. 46127.jpegOne of the world's oldest ice hotels, which they rebuild every winter, is situated in Sweden, some 200 kilometers from the Polar circle.

Russia's first year-round ice hotel is going to be built in Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia. It will take local specialists approximately two years to finish the project. The hotel will have only several rooms with furniture all made of ice and deer skins. The temperature inside the hotel will always stay below zero Centigrade, website said.

Tourists will be able to spend either several hours or whole nights at the hotel. The cost of accommodation has not been exposed yet.

"The Kingdom of Permafrost" complex, within the framework of which the new hotel is going to be built, will represent a giant glacier inside a mountain. Professional ice sculptors are going to be involved in the project. The complex is located on the fifth kilometer of Veluisky Tract, reports.

When it's -50 degrees Centigrade outside, the temperature inside the complex does not fall below -10. The warmest temperature in summer is -4 degrees Centigrade.

Ice hotels appear in many European winter resorts. A hotel made of ice is going to open its doors on December 25 in Romania. Tourists visiting Lake Balea will be able to live in the hotel only if they have warm clothes with them and if they agree to sleep in sleeping bags, Region Samara reports.

Every room in the Romanian hotel is designed to match certain music trends. Hot drinks will be served at the hotel on ice tables. The ice complex on Lake Balea is going to appear in Romania for the seventh time. 


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