Russian woman makes world's largest lips to look like Jessica Rabbit

Russian woman makes world's largest lips to look like Jessica Rabbit. 45966.jpegIn St. Petersburg, Kristina Rei, 22, made a Guinness Book entry with the help of her lips. The woman's lips have been recognized the largest in the world. To achieve the effect, the woman had to make nearly 100 injections. The record holder believes that the game was worth the candle.

Kristina moved to St. Petersburg two months ago from Yuzhno-Sakhalinks, the Far East of Russia, the Komsomolskaya Pravda said.

The young woman began to enlarge her lips when she was only 17. The girl wanted to look like her favorite cartoon character - Jessica Rabbit. To achieve the effect, the girl has made 100 injections.

The girl does not want to stop on her lips - she wants to proceed to her bosom. She also wants to make her nose smaller and her ears sharper, to look like an elf. It appears that Kristina is having many other records ahead.

"I think I look fantastic and it makes me the happiest in the world. I want to have more extreme transformations in my appearance. I want to look like a cartoon character," the girl wrote on her Twitter.

To win the world's largest lips status, the girl had to spend nearly $6,000, Express Gazeta Wrote. Each injection cost her 2,000 rubles ($70). Interestingly enough, Kristina's parents approve their daughter's plastic hobby - they cover all the expenses. 


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