Japanese fisherman catches 145,000 dollars

Japanese fisherman catches 145,000 dollars. 45742.jpegA resident of the village of Ofunato in Japan's Iwate Prefecture can become the owner of 11 million yens, which is a bit more than USD145,000. The man caught a bag of money in the sea, as he was fishing.

Less than a month ago, the fisherman went fishing as usual. The man cast the net and came back to check the catch the same day at night. He was very surprised to find a large bag in the net, Rosbalt reports. The man opened the bag and saw many banknotes inside. As it turned out later, the fisherman caught 1,100 banknotes worth 10,000 yens each.

According to the laws of Japan, if the owner of a missing thing does not make a statement of themselves for six months, the finding will become the property of the person who found it. Thus, on April 27 2012, the Japanese man may become a millionaire.

We have previously reported that another Japanese worker found a plastic bag with 10 million yens (over 130,000 US dollars). The bag was found on the garbage-sorting factory in Kasai. The 56-year-old man took the money to police straight away.



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