Britney Spears accused of ripping off her new video from Bellamy Brothers

43446.jpegBritney Spears is being accused of plagiarism and will face a multi-million dollars lawsuit for the video of her new single 'Hold It Against Me' which debuted last week.

The singer is accused of "ripping off" the rock ballad If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me by the Bellamy Brothers.

According to reports, the American singers claim Spears' song is too close to their own 1979 hit which topped the charts in six countries, and David and Howard Bellamy are set to met with lawyers, according to Times of India.

David Bellamy said, "We will without doubt take the appropriate action if our attorney's agree we have been ripped off. Surely there is more original stuff out there to do rather than rehash old titles."

It could just be me, but doesn't that mean that almost every song of the last decade is guilty somewhere along the line when considering all the tracks that have been recorded in the last hundred years? Does anyone who listens to Spears actually remember the Bellamy Brothers or their one sometimes-remembered song?

Does it also mean the both Rihanna and S Club 7 should be sued for using the title of the Fleetwood Mac hit "Don't Stop" in the titles of their respective hits, "Please Don't Stop The Music" and "Don't Stop Moving," reports.


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