Indian Man Claims to Have Had No Food or Drink for 70 Years

Indian scientists are studying an 82-year-old who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years.

Prahlad Jani is being held in isolation in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gurjarat, where he is being closely monitored by India's defence research organization, who believe he may have a genuine quality which could help save lives.

He has now spent six days without food or water under strict observation and doctors say his body has not yet shown any adverse effects from hunger or dehydration, reports.

Doctors confirm that he has not lost weight and seems to be healthy as he gets up from his bed, walks and communicates with other people.

"The most surprising fact is that his kidneys produce urine in small amounts, but he does not pass urine, it simply disappears," Professor Anil Gupta said.

Doctor Sudhir Shah said the study could "help in working out strategies for survival during natural calamities, extreme stressful conditions and extra-terrestrial explorations like future missions to the Moon and the Mars."

The research will last for a week and the scientists will need several months to prepare a report, RIA Novosti  informs.

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