Octomom Doesn't Wish to Lose Popularity

The world-famous octomom Nadya Suleman may be celebrating her new slim figure, but it's her kids who are having the party.

To publicize their first birthday, the six boys and two girls from La Habra, Calif. appear in a photo dated Jan. 24 surrounded by balloons and a giant chocolate cake.

Suleman told Star magazine that the real party, on Jan. 26, will be a lot more low key - eight tiny cakes for eight tiny tots.

It was only last January that Suleman's name first became known to the public. She made headlines as the first woman in the world to deliver (by Caesarian section) eight children at once.

Now mobile, the eight toddlers are proving to be a handful for the single unemployed mother.

But it doesn't hurt to have three live-in nannies. In fact, Suleman seems to be spending much of her down time working out.

This week a slimmed down Octomom popped up on the cover of Star, causing speculation that the previously veiny-bellied mother was Photoshopped.

Suleman, who has 14 children in total, reportedly lost 150 pounds (from 270 pounds to 120) and in an eight-page spread she shows off her new look in a red bikini.

Reacting to rumors that she got post-natal surgery, Suleman said that going under the knife would have made her feel like a cheat.

But Suleman admits that she isn't entirely flawless. She confessed to the tabloid mag that she still has stretch marks, which have been greatly reduced with the application of vitamin c and a cream that stimulates collagen production.

Last year her fertility doctor came under fire when it was revealed that Suleman conceived all 14 of her kids through in vitro fertilization.

His fate currently lies in the hands of California's medical board.

It only got worse when the press found out that the pregnant Suleman had been supporting her kids with food stamps and Social Security disability payments (three of her children have disabilities).

Octomom's 14 children will get $250,000 over the next three years as part of a deal between Suleman and Eyeworks, the European company that produced the one-hour documentary "My Life as Octomom."

Nor does Octomom have plans to retire from the spoitlight anytime soon. She has filed applications to trademark the name "Octomom," which will allow her to use the name to market clothing, diapers and her family on reality TV.

Suleman is also writing a memoir.

"She's writing a part in her book to young ladies that it's OK to have flaws in your body, especially after pregnancy," her lawyer said.

The New York Daily News has contributed to the report.

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