New "Glee" Episode Offers Some Funny Moments

After last week's episode ''Wheels,'' expectations for Glee were on the rise. Would the show remain on a roll with this week's offering? The verdict: ''Ballad'' didn't defy gravity, but it did offer up a few choice cuts and fun moments while advancing one big story line. The concept of doomed love was explored humorously and poignantly: humorously with Rachel, the latest student to develop a scary crush on Will, and poignantly with Kurt, who hatched a ''master plan'' to open Finn's eyes to the joys of his own sex, or at least Kurt. Of course, the hour wasn't just about heart; it was also about the belly, as the parents of Quinn and Finn discovered that they'd soon become grandparents (and two of the three didn't take that news well). In other developments, our Terri-free streak came to a halt, we were sadly Sue-less for an entire episode, and Glee Club's pianist finally got a name. Brad, care to accompany us while we replay this ''Ballad''? Entertainment Weekly reports.

It was also reported, the funniest moment of the episode may have been when Will asked Rachel if she understood what he was saying and she happily replied, “Yes, it means I’m very young and it’s hard for you to stand close to me.” Though it also might have been when Kurt said to Finn, “Your lashing out at me is fantastically compelling and inappropriate.”

The pairing off also led to some scenes that were as honestly emotional as any since this series began, most of them involving Kurt and Finn. Especially moving: the non-singing scene in which they talked about their missing parents. When Finn put his dad’s Army helmet on Kurt’s head and told him, “Here, hang on to that for the next time Puck throws you in the Dumpster,” it was a lot sweeter than it sounds, The New York Times reports.

News agencies also report, the Glee quotables page--now the subject of a study whether we can survive an episode without Sue Sylvester. This week: Glenn Beck, Barbra Streisand and Pete Wentz.

"Ballad" in one paragraph: Will pairs everyone up to sing ballads, but fate gives him Rachel, who's developing this huuuge crush on him. Kurt is paired with Finn, and encourages him to sing out his feelings towards Quinn's baby--resulting in a totally uncomfortable moment with her parents. Puck finally gives in, telling Mercedes that he is the actual dad, BuddyTV reports.

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