California Beauty Carrie Prejean Compares Herself to Sarah Palin

Wednesday night the beauty queen from California turned drama queen, as she nearly walked off the set during a seemingly innocuous interview with CNN's Larry King.

Carrie Prejean, who emerged as a national lightning rod after telling 2009 Miss USA pageant judge Perez Hilton she opposed same-sex marriage, scolded the veteran talk show host for asking why she settled her lawsuit against Miss California pageant officials.

Prejean was stripped of her crown in June, with pageant officials alleging breach of contract. Prejean responded with a libel suit, saying she was discriminated against because of her religious views. She suddenly dropped the suit after a homemade sex tape featuring Prejean, then 17, surfaced.

CNN, struggling in the ratings, might want to invite her back. The YouTube clip of her on-air confrontation with King is among the site's most popular today, Access Atlanta reports.

It was also reported, in the interview with Larry King, fallen beauty queen Carrie Prejean compared herself to conservative icons Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and claims, like them, she is a victim of the liberal media.

"You have characterized yourself as being 'Palinized.' What do you mean," King asked on Wednesday night.

"You look at Sarah Palin and Congresswoman, you know, Michele Bachmann, they are relentlessly, you know, torn down by the liberal media," Prejean said. "They're great mothers. They're brilliant. And yet there's this double standard that conservative women are fair game to be attacked. And it's not right. And it needs to stop."

Prejean was on Larry King's program to hawk her new book, "Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks," but she threatened to walk out on live television and called King "inappropriate" when he wanted to know why she and Miss California pageant organizers recently settled dueling lawsuits, CBS News reports.

Meanwhile, the cat fight between Carrie Prejean and the people at Miss California USA keeps hissing along -- the Pageant president is now slamming the "biblically correct" beauty queen one more time.

In response to Carrie's awkward appearance on "Larry King Live" and her ex-boyfriend saying he was told to lie about her age in her solo sex tape, Miss Cali Prez Keith Lewis tells TMZ:

"The public is finally getting a glimpse of the real Carrie Prejean who lives in her own delusional world.

The childish behavior, her negative attitude, the sarcasm and condescending tone, the disrespect and continual lying she is demonstrating now is only a fraction of what we endured during her reign and after.

Anyone who buys her book is supporting a woman who is actually the opposite of everything she claims to be," reports.

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