The Spouse of the Future Prime Minister of Japan Asserts That Flied to Venus

Japan's next prime minister might be nicknamed "the alien," but it's his wife who claims to have had a close encounter with another world.

"While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus," Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of premier-in-waiting Yukio Hatoyama, wrote in a book published last year.

"It was a very beautiful place and it was really green."

Yukio Hatoyama is due to be voted in as premier on September 16 following his party's crushing election victory over the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party Sunday, Reuters informs.

Barmy Mrs Hatoyama, 66, wrote about her extraterrestrial trip in the book called 'Very strange things that I've encountered'.

When she woke up Japan's future first lady told her then husband about her outing to Venus. He told her she had been dreaming.

But Mrs Hatoyama revealed that Japan's next PM was much more open-minded when it came to UFOs.

She said: "My current husband has a different way of thinking,

"He would surely say 'Oh, that's great'," The Sun reports.

Her husband at the time (now ex) advised her that it was probably just a dream. But rest assured, Mrs. Hatoyama writes, the soon-to-be prime minister would be much more understanding: "My current husband has a different way of thinking...[h]e would surely say 'Oh, that's great,'" Huffington Post reports.

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