Fishy diet for telescopic eyes

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon are already known to help the heart and brain stay healthy. The new studies, that appeared yesterday in the Archives of Ophthalmology, add to evidence that fish eaters also protect the eyes, the AP reports.

The new studies are not the strongest level of scientific evidence, but they confirm the findings of previous studies that also link fish consumption with prevention of mascular degeneration, the AP reports.

A study of 681 elderly American men showed that those who ate fish twice a week had a 36 percent lower risk of mascular degeneration. In the other study, which followed 2,335 Australian men and women over five years, people who ate fish just once a week reduced their risk by 40 per cent.

The US study also found that smokers nearly doubled their risk of the eye condition compared to people who never smoked.

Macular degeneration starts with blurring in the centre of what the eye sees. It progresses to blindness, slowly or quickly depending on the type of disease. Six to 8 per cent of people age 75 and older have an advanced form of the disease.

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