How to lose weight in record-short time

It is widely known that to look fine one should get to the gym more, cut back on the biscuits and eat watercress soup. But it is not so easy as it seams. The polls showed that weight problems are the most popular among women. And there are plenty of strategies to combat these problems, but what are you going to do with your weight if, for example, you have a party tonight? Today it is "rich and famous" who help us to answver this question and solve the most unpleasant problem of excessive weight.

1.HAVE A TAN. It works for Victoria Beckahm, and fake tan will work wonders to make you look thinner, too. Use a lotion at home or treat yourself to a salon spray tan. The latest from St Tropex is the fake tanning body contouring technique. After a quick all-over spray tan you are then tanned in strategic points on the limbs and stomach to create the illusion of a more sculpted and muscular body.

2.GET SOME MAGIC KNICKERS. Bridget Jones swore by her granny pants and Gwynnie praised her power panties after giving birth to baby Aapple. Even though they may look more surgical than sexy, if the stars swear by them then so should you.

3.WRAP UP, SLIM DOWN . If you can spare time for a trip to salon then try a wrap treatment that instantly sheds pounds. Mariah Carey is a fan of the Shapechangers detox wrap that claims to draw out toxins using sea clay. The weightloss through water is extremely minimal, so you won't put on pounds by drinking a glass of water. 4.BEAT THE BLOAT. Just one day before the party you can flatten your stomach by reducing water retention. The day before avoid salty foods, carbs and sugar and drink plenty of water.

5.MAKE A STAND. Maintaining a good posture will instantly make you look slimmer and up to three centimetres taller. Practise by standing with shoulder-width apart with your head directly over your shoulders and shoulders over the pelvis, keep your core muscles taught.

6.DO IT WITH MAKE-UP .By enhancing the size of your eyes, lips and cheekbones you'll create the illusion of a thinner face.

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