New mystery animal discovered in Indonesia

A cat-like animal that appears to be a new species of carnivore has been photographed in Borneo, biologists say.

The animal has dark red fur, a long tail and looks like a cross between a cat and fox. It has small ears and large hind legs. It was photographed twice at night by a camera trap set in the jungles of the Indonesian side of &to=' target=_blank>Borneo island.

"We showed the photos of the animal to locals who know the wildlife of the area, but nobody had ever seen this creature before," said Stephan Wulffraat, a biologist who is co-ordinating the World Wildlife Fund's research on this species.

"We also consulted several Bornean wildlife experts and most were convinced it was a new species," he added in a statement, reports CBC Montreal.

According to National Geographic, the mystery animal pictured at top walked right into the limelight when it entered a nighttime camera trap set by World Wildlife Fund researchers.

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