Toshiba gets influential supporters in its bid for next-gen DVDs

Intel and Microsoft expressed their support to Toshiba-led next generation DVD technology, HD DVD, over a rival Sony-led Blu-ray DVD technology.

Toshiba, with NEC, Sanyo and others, is pushing HD DVD, while backers of Sony's Blu-ray discs include Dell and Apple.

The support from the two biggest names in personal computing is a vote of confidence for the HD DVD group.

The next generation of DVDs will be able to store much more high-quality data, including high-definition video.

For months, the two groups have been battling to win support for their competing disc formats from technology companies and Hollywood studios.

Future discs will be able to hold about six times as much data as current DVDs.

The next generation of DVDs will be very important for studios, technology manufacturers, and the games industry. Sony has already said its PlayStation 3 games console will support Blu-ray.

In the meanwhile films in the high-definition format are expected to be released for DVD later this year.

It will be more problematic for them if there are two competing standards of high-definition DVD technology with which they will have to work.

The two groups, the HD DVD Promotion Group and the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) have spent some time arguing why their technology is better than the other.

At one point, there was hope that the two would collaborate on a hybrid solution, but there has been no agreement so far, BBC reports.

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