The third case of double mastectomy in UK

A third of UK women would consider having both breasts removed to reduce the risk of cancer, a survey suggests.

While most are not at high risk, a small minority with a strong genetic predisposition have an 80% chance of developing &to=http:// ' target=_blank>breast cancer in their life.

For these women a choice other than double mastectomy or watchful waiting is desperately needed, says Cancer Research UK which surveyed 1,500 women.

It is conducting a major trial to test a drug that might prevent the cancer.

A sample of 1,500 women were asked what they would do if they found out they were at very high risk of developing breast cancer, reports BBC News.

According to BBC News, more than 30,000 women past the menopause develop breast cancer in the UK every year.

Some of those will have known or suspected for a long time that they run a higher than normal risk of developing it.

But for those with a strong family history of the disease, who sometimes have their susceptibility confirmed by genetic tests, there is little they can do beyond undergoing &to=http:// ' target=_blank>regular screening - or having their breasts removed.

Doctors would like to be able to prescribe a daily pill which would cut the risk, although it would be important that the side effects should be minimal, since it would be taken by healthy women.

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