Another successful case of ovary transplantation

A previously infertile 25-year-old woman who received an ovary transplant from her identical twin sister has gone on to give birth to a healthy baby.

The birth in the United States is the latest breakthrough in the emerging field of ovary transplantation, which has the potential to offer a chance of motherhood to women made infertile by cancer treatment or early &to=http:// ' target=_blank>menopause.

For 10 years, beginning as a young teen, Stephanie Yerber had no periods and her ovaries did not produce eggs. By contrast, the ovaries of her twin, Melanie Morgan, worked fine.

Last year, the twins flew to St. Louis. One ovary was removed from Melanie Morgan, who has three children. It was separated into three. A third was placed in each of Yerber's shrunken ovaries, and the remaining third was frozen in the event she needs it later.

Three months later, Yerber's menstrual cycle resumed. By another three months, her cycle was normal. And soon after, she became pregnant, naturally. Nine months later, late Monday night, her daughter was born, tells Xinhuanet.

Yarber became menopausal at age 14 and was unable to become &to=http:// 19/94/377/12796_pregnancy.html ' target=_blank>pregnant without medical help. She had tried in vitro fertilization twice, using eggs donated by her sister, but nothing worked until the ovary transplant.

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