Ancient beauty secrets still relevant today

Nowadays, modern-day cosmetics manufacturers use the exact same ingriendients used in aancient Roman times. The cream was found to be composed of refined animal fat, starch and tin, China Radio International reported on Thursday.

The researchers then created their own version from the same recipe. The smooth powdery texture, created by the starch in the cream copy, is still used for whitening &to=' target=_blank>women's skin in modern cosmetics, reports Xinhua.

According to Jamaica Observer, researchers writing in the November edition of the British magazine Nature say the unguent "shares some surprising features with modern moisturising creams."

Bristol University specialist Richard Evershed and his team describe the find, dating from a time when London was the Roman community Londinium, as a landmark in the study of this class of artefact.

It is the only one to be found so far with its lid and contents, providing a unique opportunity to examine the ancient composition.

"Fashionable Roman women aspired to a fair complexion, and the Londinium cream may have served as a foundation layer," say the researchers.

"White &to=' target=_blank>face paint was fashionable in Roman times and normally derived its color from a lead compound," said Prof. Richard Evershed from Bristol University. Evershed noted tin would have been an acceptable substitute.

The researchers said tin has no medicinal value, so it must served as a pigment. Tin is also non-toxic, which the researchers say would have been a plus.

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