Sea shore suggests life on Mars

A salty pool of liquid water once sloshed on Mars, ebbing and flowing in an environment that could have supported life eons before a NASA spacecraft visited the now dry and frozen spot, the space agency said.

The Opportunity rover turned up the evidence while probing an outcrop of finely layered rock at its landing site on Mars, where the six-wheeled robot landed two months ago. Scientists said the rock likely formed in water, which evaporated to leave layer after layer of sediment behind, inform

Scientists have found further evidence that there may once have been life on Mars - the legacy of a salty sea. NASA researchers examining pictures taken by one of the Mars rovers scouring the red planet said they believed they had reached what used to be a sea shore.

"We believe [the probe] Opportunity is on what was the shoreline of a salty sea," said Cornell University astronomer Steve Squyres, the mission’s main scientist. "We don’t know life was there but we have an environment that was suitable for life," report

According to an earlier report by Pravda.Ru NASA specialists made the sensational statement that great quantities of ice have been detected one meter deep under the surface of the red planet. Specialists say that, if the detected ice melted, Mars-s surface would be covered with a 500-meter layer of water.

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