Tatar Muslims celebrating Kurban Bairam

On Saturday, Islam believers of Tatarstan (Russia's republic on the Volga) are celebrating Kurban Bairam, or Offering Day.

Mufti Gusman Khazrat Iskhakov, Chairman of Tatarstan's Spiritual Muslim Department, congratulated his fellow believers on the principal Muslim holiday. He said the holiday was designed to remind people about the eternal value of mercy and righteous deeds.

After public worship in the morning, Muslims sacrifice an animal. In Tatarstan, believers sacrifice rams, while the Koran also allows camels, buffaloes, bulls, cows, sheep and goats to be sacrificed. The meat of a sacrificed animal shall be divided into 3 parts, one of which is left with the family, another is cooked and served to guests, while the rest shall be given to people in need. Some mosques set the table for everybody on this day.

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