ISS crew tested manual control system before docking with progress space ship

The crew of the International Space Station - Michael Foale and Alexander Kaleri - prepared for docking with the Progress transport space ship, scheduled for Saturday, tested the remote-control mode.

As spokesman for the Mission Control Centre Valery Lyndin said, "the crew checked the control console of manual control of docking which it will be necessary to switch over to if Progress fails to dock in the automatic regime".

The transport space ship was launched on Thursday, January 29, from Baikonur cosmodrome. It will carry additional equipment for the on-board systems of the Russian Zarya module, equipment for determining the gas composition, fresh linen and underwear, hygienic things, and parcels for the crew.

After the arrival of Progress the first-aid kit will be replenished with medicines, and a set for repairing the running track and equipment for determining the microbiological composition of water will appear on board the station.

Furthermore, the space ship will bring fuel for attitude-control engines, water, containers with foodstuffs, scientific equipment, two dummies to measure the level of radiation, and new Orlan full-pressure suits to the station. The total weight of the cargoes will be 2,408 kg.

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