Mission to Mars is possible as a one-way trip

According to Paul Davis, the Australian philosopher from Astrobiology Center, the main obstacle for fulfilling the plans of subjugating Mars in 2030 will be high expenses. Mars’ populating with people can be affordable only under the condition of one-way flights to this planet. The expenses for such expeditions will be reduced twofold if astronauts are required to stay in Mars and not to return to the Earth, wrote in the New York Times Paul Davis, the Australian philosopher from Astrobiology Center, the author of the book “Fifth Wonder: Research of Arising Life and its Value”. Davis wrote that those flying to Mars will never come back. The expenses for fuel for starting the rocket from Mars and flying to the Earth will be too high. A group of scientists or astronauts will be brought to Mars along with hi-tech equipment and small nuclear reactor, and they will be able to produce oxygen, water and food. Every two years when Mars has an optimal orbit, NASA will be able to deliver supplies to the “colonists” and send new astronauts to Mars. This is the only way to maintain existence the human colony on Mars.

The philosopher believes that NASA secretly analyzed such a scenario. "An American scientist told me that he was trained for flight to the Moon before the Apollo program realization”, Davis wrote. According to him, the history of research is the history of heroic sacrifice. "I am working with young people who are ready to go to Mars even on such terms”, the scientist said. “However, it would be more reasonable to send more mature people to Mars, those who have the biggest part of his/her life behind. Mars’s attractive power less than on the Earth, strong radiation, hostile environment, difficulties, lack of medical care will produce negative impact to the health of any person". But the first explorers of Mars will fulfill the important task of founding the colony.

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