Russia marks day of memory of Saints Kosma and Damian

On Friday, the Russian Orthodox Church marks the holiday in honor of the holy brothers, Kosma and Damian. From time immemorial they were honored in Russia as healers, protectors of holiness and inviolability of Christian marriage.

The legend says that Saints Kosma and Damian were born in Asia Minor. Skilled doctors, they received their gift from the Holy Ghost and healed people and even animals by prayers, and never took any money for their work, observing God's commandment: receiving for nothing, give also for nothing.

Even after death they continued to perform wonders. One of the legends says that a certain Malkh, when setting off for a long journey, prayed the holy brothers to protect his wife while he was far away from his home. When the devil possessed one of Malkh's friends and decided to kill the woman and led her to a deserted place, two strong men unexpectedly appeared, and the villain started to run, but fell into an abyss.

The men brought the woman to her house, and when she asked them who they were, the answer was: "We are God's slaves, Kosma and Damian." Since then, the brothers started to be regarded as protectors of matrimony.

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